Let’s Talk about Human Design

You know about Astrology, but do you know your energy type?

I’ll be honest, I don’t know the origins of Astrology, but I DO know how Human Design started…


Are we all crazy or is there something super magical about this chart?

Human Design truly never fails to amaze me, how it encapsulates your life- what you are good at, what your purpose is, where you are bound to fall into traps, it’s incredibly illuminating!

What I’ve been thinking about recently is how much information there is in just considering your energy type — so much to explore in just the semantics!

Generators: truly do GENERATE — you are here to make more energy by following what lights you up. What is revving your engine? Keep following the breadcrumbs!

Manifestors: literally are MANIFESTING — sculpting and creating new spaces by dancing with the divine inspiration within. You are designed to create something new. What do you want to bring into the world?

Manifesting-Generators: a combo energy type — generating energy AND manifesting a new reality, follow that engine and you’ll realize you are building out something entirely new.

Projectors: think of an old school projector — that’s your function! You are here to show others what you see. You only work though when someone presses play, so feel free to do your own thing until someone pulls you off the shelf. You are resting a LOT.

Reflectors: REFLECT!! You are a literal mirror for your surroundings. When there is nothing to reflect, you get to go back into the void space. Ahhhhh. Breathe deep.

Isn’t it amazing how there are different functions and roles we all play?

Accepting your role can be the hardest part. For instance, I’m a projector and I would LOVE to generate energy, but accepting that I am here to project information when asked, makes me realize I actually have a lot of personal freedom I can lean into.

How had Human Design helped you?



Thom. Gage - Human Design Los Angeles

Thom (fka Jeni) Gage is a Human Design reader living in Los Angeles. Learn more about Human Design and book a session or class at jenigage.com